Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Been Awhile!

ok, i forgot my username and password so i haven't been on here for quite awhile! i should be going to bed because i have summer school early tomorrow but i took a nap this afternoon so i can't sleep.. in case anyone cares.. haha :)
so i'm going to just give a quick life update since my last post in december.
january through march was kind of a blur for me. i was in seussical the musical at a community college and that basically took up my life for those 3 months. it was a little ridiculous, but tons of fun! after that ended i basically just focused on school for the rest of the semester. i ended the year with a 3.9 GPA which i was pretty happy about because my math class basically killed me.
i also got a job that i started last month and i love it! i am working for a couple in my stake who run a business selling things on ebay. it's my job to package everything they sell and then stand in line at the post office. the post office is not a pleasant place to hang around. but other than that the job is great, and they pay me really well so it works out nicely! especially since i have to buy my own gas and i'm sure everyone is aware of how ridiculous gas prices are these days.
now it is the summer and i am keeping busy with summer school and work! i am taking american history so i can get that class out of the way and have room for both my choirs during the year. it's 8 hours a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks. It seems like a lot, but it's really not bad, and i'm getting a year's worth or work done in a month, so i think it is great!
ok so this has been really long and ramble-y so i'm going to go now. i hope everyone is doing well!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sweet Sixteen!

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! and i am so old now. haha
i never thought i would be 16 but i finally am! woohoo! i get my drivers license on thursday and a car this weekend. i am ecstatic to say the least.
thats all.
i hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the christmas season! i know i am!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


its saturday night and i'm exhausted. im babysitting my siblings for the first time in forever and now i remember why i always seem to avoid that. hahah just kidding, they're great. but things can get out of hand sometimes.
last night was my NATS competition! i felt really good about my solos and the judges seemed to like me, but unfortunately i didn't even make it to the finals :( hahah. thats show business for you! but today i attended the workshop with phantom of the opera man, and he was amazing! he had so much good advice, it would have been smart to write it all down. but the main thing i got out of it was to "sing with an opinion" anyone can sing a song, but when an opinion is sung, it is so much more powerful. but thats just a bit of what he talked about. im to lazy to type everything.
the best news in the world right now is that THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY! i need a break like no other. but then again, don't we all? haha. its all about perspective.
anyways, im really tired.
until next time!
mer :)
p.s. one month till my birthday!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My First Blog

Ok well this is my first blog ever!!! how exciting!! i'm going to try and update weekly... but we'll see how consistant i actually am :) i'm usually a spaz about spelling and grammar, but not so much online, so forgive any mistakes. haha

my life right now is pretty good. last night was "Best of EFY" which is basically a one day EFY and they have it in a bunch of different states. it was pretty fun, although when i went last january it was a lot better. the speakers this time were a bit dry.. but i suppose thats to be expected from time to time. the john schmidt piano concert was incredible!! that man has talent! he played the piano UPSIDE DOWN. no kidding. its good stuff. and then the dance afterward was kind of lame, they had the lights on the entire time, and no one but my group of like 20 friends were dancing. and to make it worse, there was a slow dance about every 3 songs and no guys were asking girls to dance. they need some serious help i think. although i did dance with this one kid who was a super good dancer who did lots of twirls and that made it a lot of fun :) i've decided that my next endeavor in life is that i want to learn how to swing dance!

so this friday i have Musical Theater NATS (national association for teachers of singing..i think) haha. Its basically a competition where you sing 2 songs for a panel of judges who are also voice teachers and then they score you and there are winners for each age division. this is my first year doing this and i'm really excited. i'm singing "I Hate Men" from "Kiss Me Kate" and "The Song is You" from "Music in the Air". the most exciting part is that they have a workshop, and i don't know the name off the top of my head, but the man who is teaching it has played phantom on broadway for a couple years!! so that should be an amazing learning experience!

also, in 2 weekends from now i am taking my institute for driver's safety class. ONE MONTH AND 9 DAYS TILL I'M ON THE ROAD!!! :D

thats basically all thats going on in my life right now. i hope everyone is doing well!